By redesigning the shape of traditional fans the Air Pear is keeping employees and building occupants extremely comfortable while, at the same time, substantially lowering heating and cooling costs. In cold weather Air Pear effectively and gently brings down the super-heated air at the ceiling to the floor level. This results in building managers being able to lower the thermostat and still maintain the same warm thermal comfort occupants demand.

In air-conditioned spaces Air Pear equalizes the cool air, thereby creating a uniform temperature throughout the facility. Eliminating areas that have to be overcooled to compensate and maintain an acceptable temperature in warmer areas results in both the reduction of energy consumption and the dollars your accounts payable people have to grudgingly send to the power company.

A truly unique quality that differentiates the Air Pear from all other air movement products is that it is virtually silent as it performs its magic in providing energy-efficient thermal comfort. This makes it ideal for industrial facilities and offices alike. It was specifically designed to be attractive for commercial installations yet rugged for industrial applications.

The Air Pear  is one of the very few HVAC products available that customers say is the perfect trifecta - it's easy on the ears, it's easy on the eyes, and it's easy on the budget.


• Weight: 22lb (10Kgs) • Height to RIM: 24inches (610 mm) • Total Height: 32inches (813 mm) • Diameter: 18.25 inches (464 mm) • Watts at 50/60 Hz: 125/150 • RPM at 50/60 Hz 1390/1600 • CFM at 50/60 Hz (m3/hr): 1666/1900 (2830/3230) • dB (A)* at 50/60 Hz: 63/67
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