Keeping any facility running smoothly and efficiently is challenging enough, but when a machine breaks down or parts fail it can bring production to a grinding halt. Having a regular preventative maintenance schedule can help avoid wasted time and money – not to mention headaches – due to unexpected breakdowns and ensuing repair work. Magnatag Visible Systems has devised a solution to display and schedule a full year of preventative maintenance actions for each machine, vehicle, and equipment item in a facility. Color-coded magnets identify the week's job assignments, giving managers and employees a heads-up on maintenance work for the entire year ahead. "Many of our customers repeatedly tell us how frustrating it is when a piece of machinery breaks down and all work efforts have to be redirected to fix the problem,” said Wally A. Krapf, founder and President of Magnatag Visible Systems. "This board allows you build a proactive and preventative maintenance schedule while also helping to extend the life of your machines.” For 40 years, Magnatag has been designing products based on customer needs and feedback. The magnetic Maintenance-Master board system is helping manufacturers across the country to keep production running smoothly: • "We keep track of preventative maintenance on 50 machines. They are always breaking down due to lack of preventive maintenance and this board saves hundreds of production hours a year by having maintenance activity displayed 24/7," said one tool manufacturer in Latrobe, PA. • "It's much easier to use than our old spreadsheet. Now everyone can see our maintenance schedule and what's coming up and it's much easier to keep track of what everyone is doing," reports a rubber manufacturer from Moonachie, NJ. The Maintenance-Master Board comes in three sizes, allowing 52 weeks of scheduling for 66, 90, or 180 line items. Each system includes write-on tools, an optional visible file aligned with the board that holds a 2 year daily maintenance history card on each line item, and hundreds of multi-colored magnets with 1/2" printed grid lines to align with board grids, showing multi-week project tasks or equipment down time.
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