Maintenance Software for Facilities, Industrial Plants, and Utilities


SMGlobal has released FastMaint CMMS v. 5.4, a powerful software application that makes it easy to manage plant maintenance, fleet maintenance, facility and building maintenance, and resort and restaurant maintenance. Solutions are available for use on a single Windows computer and on a LAN, as well as a web edition that need not be installed on each computer in the company because it can be accessed using a standard web browser.FastMaint CMMS reduces the expenses associated with equipment and facility downtime. When an unexpected situation arises, the software makes it easy to create a work order, allocate resources, assign it to the proper person, and track progress. In addition, it's simple to set up a preventive maintenance schedule for all of your equipment, vehicles, and facilities.

By moving yoursupport staff from fire-fighting mode to maintenance management mode,FastMaint CMMS saves time and money. New features in version 5.4 include the ability to order non-stock items andservices in purchase orders; email alerts and mobile phone SMS alerts whenwork requests are submitted; report scheduling and emailing; the ability toreport on submitted and processed work requests; status checking for workscheduled for specific equipment or a specific location; and comparison ofcurrent maintenance statistics with prior periods' statistics.The software turns maintenance chaos into order.

Each time there is amaintenance problem, FastMaint CMMS turns the task into a template for awork order. You can identify and classify a set of standard maintenancepractices for all of your equipment and buildings.FastMaint CMMS Basic Edition lets you create templates for unplanned andscheduled maintenance work orders. All maintenance tasks can be scheduledautomatically. There is a complete work order database system, with customfields to fit every business, status tracking, job cost reviews, andinventory tracking and reordering. You can track vendors as well as equipment and assets.FastMaint CMMS Standard Edition supports purchase order creation andprinting, as well as bar-code processing. It also removes the BasicEdition's limitation of a maximum of 40 maintenance task templates and 40equipment and location definitions.

The Professional Edition includesmulti-user and network support, and the choice of SQL Server or Accessdatabase support. FastMaint CMMS Web provides the Professional Editionfunctionality, with all processing accessible using an ordinary web browser.


  • accessed using a standard web browser
  • create a work order
  • allocate resources
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