Making your life a little easier – RJ/RQ Relays prove good things come in small packages


Making your life a little easier – RJ/RQ Relays prove good things come in small packages

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Sunnyvale– IDEC Corporation is pleased to introduce the new RJ and RQ series to its General Purpose relay family. Boasting a long operational life and the industry’s leading contact rating within this form factor, these relays ensure reliable performance when you need it.

With a long operational life of 200K cycles at full AC resistive load, the RJ relay performs beyond expectations when put to the test. Both the RJ and RQ series have contact ratings of 12A, 1 Form C (SPDT) and 8A, 2 Form C (DPDT). In addition, the RQ series has a high-capacity 16A, 1 Form C (SPDT) model available.

But what really makes the RJ relay outshine other relays is our attention to quality and design details. An optional green, non-polarized LED is available providing enhanced visibility of power status from multiple directions. In fact, IDEC uses a unique light guide to make this status indicator brighter and more noticeable.

Not only that, but the compact RJ blade relay is the perfect solution for saving space in your crowded control panel when used with its correlating SJ socket. With a compact profile of 15.5mm total DIN width, using a RJ relay and SJ socket will reduce your required DIN width mounting by 30 percent when compared to standard 2-pole relays.

The low profile RQ PCB relay also provides a high-quality relay for your printed circuit board relay applications. With industry standard 3.5mm and 5mm pin terminal separation, this relay is only 15.6 mm in height, 12.6mm in width and 29.0 mm in depth. Size equals value giving you a compact solution for your boards, while maintaining the contact ratings you expect from IDEC.

The RJ relay’s correlating socket, the SJ series, includes multiple features for ease-of-use. The SJ socket can be DIN rail or panel mounted and comes with either standard screw terminals or IEC finger-safe terminals, where the coil and contact terminals are on opposite sides of the socket. Both come with a unique built-in lever for securing the relay. This same lever will easily and quickly allow you to release and “pop” out the relay for quick replacement.

An IEC finger-safe socket is also available for the RQ PCB relay. The SQ socket can be DIN rail and panel mounted, comes with a simple locking and release lever, marking strip and has the capability for plug-in LED modules.

IDEC RJ relays are UL recognized, CSA certified, VDE approved and CE marked in compliance with IEC 61810-1. RQ relays are UL and c-UL recognized, TÜV approved and CE marked.

Improve your control panel in a flash by replacing Omron’s G2R series, Finder’s 44 Series and Allen-Bradley’s 700-HK series with the RJ or RQ relays, as direct plug-in replacements.
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