Manage Tubing, Cable and Wire with 80/20® Wiring Duct, Clips, Clamps, Blocks and Ties


80/20® offers a variety of options for managing tubing, cables and wiring in T-slotted aluminum industrial applications: • Wiring duct strips, designed with protective overlapping fingers, interlock for end-to-end attachment. • Tough polypropylene tube and wire clamps, available in six single and six double sizes, attach easily to aluminum T-slot profiles. These oil, chemical and acid-resistant clamps neatly organize tubing and wires. • Cable and tube clips, made of fiberglass reinforced nylon, can be opened and closed repeatedly and require no cable ties. • Fiberglass reinforced cable mount blocks lock by twisting 1/4 turn in the T-slot and allow cable ties to be attached in two directions. • Cable ties and mounting have high tensile strength and are compatible with all T-slot profile series.
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