Manual 3, 4, and 5- Axis Pallet System


Innovative Quick Change System helps maximize machine through-put! MIDACO Corporation has introduced a new series of Manual Pallet Systems to minimize spindle downtime at lathes, and mills, as well as, 4th and 5th axis rotary tables. It is available in 3 pallet sizes, 8.5” (216 mm) , 10” (254 mm) and 12” (305 mm) diameter, and the system utilizes a common “receiver” that holds any of these pallets.

These M-RPC pallet system improves productivity by allowing quick change over of parts or fixtures at a variety of applications, including virtually all types 4th and 5th axis rotary tables, milling machines, lathes, EDM and other machines.
The M-RPC Pallet System incorporates a unique patented mechanical clamping system that does not require any air, hydraulic or power lines and has a clamping force of 6,500 lbs (2925 kg) and boasts repeatability accuracy of +/- .0001” (+/- .0025 mm). It’s overall height is only 3.187” (81 mm) in the clamped position. To maximize safety, the clamp/unclamp handle cannot be removed unless the pallet is in the locked position.

Low cost additional pallets allow dedicated fixturing for repeat jobs to virtually eliminate set-up down time.

MIDACOs full line of pallet changers up to 120” x 40” ( 3048 mm x 1016 mm) and machine tool accessories are USA made and are thoroughly tested to provide years of reliable service.
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