Manual Slide Bug Blocking Doors


Goff's Bug Blocking Mesh is the most economical solution to blocking pest and allowing fresh air into your facility. Providing a 65% shade factor, Goff's Mesh Doors keep the temperature down and lower energy costs! Goff's Mesh Doors improve ventilation and help meet FDA requirements!

Side Seal Door Benefits Include:
65% Shade factor-helps keep the facility cooler longer
Significantly reduces heat from sun while allowing light into work areas
Keeps out unwanted pests, birds and intruders
Improves security
Five-year warranty
Lifetime warranty on all mounting hardware
Improves building appearance
Allows fresh air to flow through for comfort and productivity
Draw screen into use when needed; glides out of the way when not
Standard sizes fit most door openings

Side Seal Doors are Ideal for:
Manufacturing Facilities
Loading Docks
Waste Areas
Food Processing & Packaging Plants
Process Areas
Barns and Warehouses

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