MarSurf One App


New Android App lets users measure common surface roughness parameters using their Smartphones and other Android operating system devices. The MarSurf® One App interfaces via Bluetooth with a Mahr RD 18 Drive Unit and probe to measure the most popular roughness parameters, including Ra, Rz, Rmax, Rt, and Rq. Resulting profiles can be zoomed using multi-finger gestures for instant analysis; saved; converted to PDF files; synched; or emailed for display and analysis on other devices such as PCs. 

"Using the MarSurf One App with your Smartphone is a very inexpensive, and extremely portable, way to obtain surface roughness measuring capability," said Pat Nugent, Vice President Metrology Systems for Mahr Federal. "The MarSurf One App requires an RD 18 Drive Unit and probe, of course, which come standard with MarSurf M 300 systems. However, by purchasing the RD 18 as a separate unit and using it with the MarSurf One App, the result is a total system that is less expensive than buying an M 300 system."The MarSurf One App can be downloaded from Google Play for Android. 

A free demo version is available for 7 days, and the full, licensed version can be purchased via the "buy button" for automatic download. No operator training is required as operational elements follow typical and well-known Android user interface styles. The MarSurf One App uses a standard R-profile filter and measures in accordance with DIN EN ISO 16610-21 (digital phase correct).


  • measure the most popular roughness parameters
  • free demo version

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