Master Bond Polymer System EP21TDCS is a two component, silver filled, electrically conductive adhesive for high performance bonding and sealing formulated to cure at room temperature or more rapidly at elevated temperatures. Unlike the majority of two part silver conductive epoxy systems, the EP21TDCS has a one-to-one mix ratio, by weight or volume. It readily develops a high bonding strength of more than 850 psi tensile shear and a T-peel of greater than 10 pli when measured and cured at 75°F . It is 100% reactive and does not contain any diluents or solvents. The volume resistivity of the cured system is less than 10-3 ohm-cm.


- Convenient mixing: 1 to 1 by weight or volume

- Contains no volatiles; excellent low outgassing properties

- Easy application: contact pressure only required for cure; adhesive spreads evenly and smoothly

- Versatile cure schedules: ambient temperature cures or fast elevated temperature cures as required

- High electrical conductivity

- High bond strength to similar and dissimilar substrates

- Superior durability, thermal shock and chemical resistance

- Outstanding toughness; much less rigid than conventional silver epoxy

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