Mastercam X Art Brings Efficiency and Speed to Artistic Relief Cutting


CNC Software announces the release of Mastercam X Art CAD/CAM software. Built from the ground up, Mastercam X Art delivers artistic relief design and cutting and includes new features like an improved Art Manager, wrapping capabilities, new toolpaths, and much more. Mastercam X Art lets users quickly bring 2D sketches, clip art, photos, and CAD files to life by crafting them on-screen and cutting them with easy, specialized toolpaths. Users can quickly shape and change their model on-screen until it looks the way they want it. Mastercam X Art includes great visualization tools and instant editing features. Mastercam X Art tracks your model step by step, allowing for quick and easy modifications at any time. Some new additions to Mastercam X Art include: Art Manager - A new tab located in the Operations Manager puts all the major Art commands right at your fingertips and makes Art easier to use than ever before. Wrapping - Mastercam X Art lets you wrap your art around a cylinder and cut it. Specify your cylinder dimensions and Mastercam X Art automatically creates an unwrapped cylinder for you to create on. Toolpaths - A new toolpath includes roughing and finishing options for the Cylinder Milling Spiral toolpath. New Modeling Tools – Mastercam X Art adds new tools to the wide variety of modeling techniques in Art, including new “celtic weave’ creation and extremely flexible texture generation. Also new to Mastercam X Art are surface generation speed improvements, surface quality improvements, the ability to process large files, Art chaining, and much more. Mastercam X2 Art will be coming out soon, adding significant new functionality to an already exciting product. Some of the new functions coming in Mastercam X2 Art include: Celtic Knot – Quickly create Celtic knots ranging from the very basic to the extremely complex. Simply select the design and Mastercam X2 Art will automatically create the characteristic Celtic 3D over-and-under weave. With a variety of controls, you can get the exact look that you need. Patterned Contour – Apply a repeating 3D Art pattern to any 2D contour with a few simple clicks. You have complete control over the size, scale, spacing, and rotation of the pattern, giving you the perfect look. Incremental scaling (pearling) is also available. “Pearling” scales elements of a pattern in increasing or decreasing steps, either from one end of the pattern to the other or from the center of the pattern out like a pearl necklace. Unlimited Textures – Adding a detailed texture surface to a model can increase the level of intricacy and perceived value of your work. With Mastercam X2 Art, you can now apply unlimited textures, choosing from pre-defined textures (such as stones, bubbles, bricks, etc.) or creating custom textures yourself.
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