Mastercam X3 Software


Almost every shop deals with solid models, and Mastercam delivers a powerful way to automatically mill and drill these parts. Valuable for experienced power users and easy enough for new users, FBM evaluates a part’s features and automatically designs an effective machining strategy. With just a few simple clicks, Mastercam FBM will: • Detect solid machining features for the chosen FBM operation type, based on your selection criteria. • Machine pockets using 2D roughing, rest mill, and finish operations. • Automatically support closed, open, nested, and through pockets and set the right toolpath options. • Optionally create a separate finish toolpath for floors and walls. • Automatically identify when external machining is required and enable users to activate or deactivate it. • Automatically identify when facing is required. • Automatically create drilled, tapped, counterbore, and countersink holes. • Automatically perform deep drilling, spot drilling, pre-drilling, tool selection, and tool creation if needed. • Provide advanced controls to drill blind, through, co-axial, and split holes. • Select the appropriate tools for all operations, either from your preferred tools list or from libraries you specify. The time savings when using Mastercam FBM are dramatic, but its power isn’t just in the click-and-go ease. All toolpaths are fully associative and editable after creation. This gives you the broad flexibility to make changes at any time, and ensures that your parts will be cut exactly as you want them. Mastercam in SolidWorks Mastercam in SolidWorks is fully integrated CAM that runs seamlessly in SolidWorks. SolidWorks users can now program their parts directly within SolidWorks using Mastercam’s industry-leading toolpaths and machining strategies. High Speed 2D Machining High speed machining has traditionally been available in the Mastercam 3D machining suite. Now you can have the benefits of high speed machining in your 2D work. • New 2D high speed toolpaths deliver efficient, lower-stress motion even without a high speed machine. • 2D high speed Peel Milling “peels” away material, layer by layer. It delivers efficient constant climb milling with “trochoidal” type motion and accelerated “back” feed moves when the tool is disengaged. • 2D high speed Core Milling cuts from the outside in, using high speed-friendly transitions. • 2D high speed Area Milling is excellent for more complex shapes and uses high speed-friendly transitions. • 2D high speed Rest Milling evaluates all previous toolpaths and removes remaining material with high speed motion between cuts. • 2D high speed Blend Milling gradually morphs the toolpath between two shapes, at high speed. • Facing cleans stock from the tops of islands or the entire part. A controlled engagement option lets you maintain a more controlled amount of tool engagement.
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