MasterControl Application Ideal for Enterprises with Multiple Entities


MasterControl Inc., the leading provider of quality management software solutions for companies in FDA and ISO environments, today unveiled a new software application that combines robust enterprise-wide support with the flexibility that allows individual business units to control their processes independently. The larger the company, the more complicated enterprise-wide system management becomes. It is almost impossible to expect the system administrator from the corporate headquarters to manage the minutiae of every site’s processes. MasterControl Enterprise, a part of the MasterControl integrated quality management suite, enables individual business entities to streamline and optimize their local processes, while enabling the corporate office to manage enterprise-wide processes. All the while, users and administrators can view and manage entities on a need-to-know basis. In addition, MasterControl offers FDA-regulated companies a continuum of validation products and services that address different levels of software validation needs based on individual risk assessment. MasterControl makes “continuous validation” possible by dramatically cutting the time, pain, and cost involved in validating a system, reducing the risks of project implementation, and making it easier to validate software upgrades. Here are the key features of MasterControl Enterprise: Business Unit Filter: The filter can be configured either by assigning a role to a particular unit, or by adding the unit through the user profile. With the latter, a user creating a new item (InfoCard type, vault, etc.) will see only the list of choices associated with the business unit specified in his/her user profile. Assigning Business Units: Specific business units can be the basis for filtering list pages and drop-down selection lists when configuring the following: o Vaults o Lifecycle o InfoCard type o Users o Roles o Document/Form routes o Numbering series Filtered Reports: When a user views a report, the data displayed in the report is filtered based on the user’s assigned business unit. Flexible Business Unit: The “business unit” is a flexible concept, enabling filtering based on a variety of organizational demographics, such as geographic sites, companies, divisions, departments, etc.
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