Rubbermaid Commercial Products (RCP), the leader in durable facility maintenance solutions, proudly introduces a new standard of excellence in heavy-duty carts and trucks. This line of heavy-duty material handling solutions has been significantly redesigned and expanded into new categories, new products, and new innovations to help end-users work smarter, faster and safer. “The new line of smarter Heavy-Duty Material Handling Carts & Trucks consists of 55 products that provide meaningful and unique solutions for top user needs in the marketplace,” said Scott Singleton, Global Business Team Leader—Material Handling at Rubbermaid Commercial Products. “Known for industry-leading durability, Rubbermaid Commercial Products’ rigorously tests its products to ensure they meet or exceed industry standards, and this new line in no exception. Our Duramold™ structural resin and metal composite structure has the highest strength-to-weight ratio when compared to other metal, wood and solid plastic decks and has been tested to hold and transport up to 2,500 pounds of weigh load capacity—that’s almost 40 buckets of sheetrock compound.”

Rubbermaid’s new Heavy-Duty Material Handling line offers a smart solution for end-users in any commercial environment where you need to move heavy payloads—on a construction site, in a manufacturing plant or within an office building. From Platform Trucks and Utility Carts, to our patent pending Convertible A-Frame and Convertible Platform Trucks, Rubbermaid offers the right material handling products for almost every environment and application.

Rubbermaid’s new Material Handling line consists of a range of application-specific designs that offer superior ergonomics and enhanced maneuverability for improved productivity. “At Rubbermaid Commercial Products, we believe in working smarter and our new line of carts and trucks are designed to help the end-user move loads safely and efficiently,” said Singleton. “Our variable grip-height handle on our carts and trucks was designed to not only improve maneuverability, but to help reduce muscle strain for most users, regardless of height. And we’ve taken the guess-work out of casters by testing and selecting the optimal caster options for each product.”

Rubbermaid’s exclusive Duramold™ technology offers the highest strength-to-weight ratio when compared to metal, wood and solid plastic decks. Duramold™ decks are formed from a precision engineered resin and metal composite structure that is lighter then typical metal and wood products without sacrificing strength, allowing end-users to put their effort into moving their payload not their truck.  “From the maintenance side, our Duramold™ decks won’t warp, dent, splinter, rust or rot,” added Singleton. “And virtually maintenance-free, its resilient surface absorbs impact and is resistant to most chemicals, impervious to water damage and easily cleaned.”

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