MC-Series Couplings


The MC Series is a versatile series of couplings to provide you with a full range of torque capacities and bore sizes, all with 1/32-inch parallel misalignment capability. They attach to shafts with your choice of integral clamps or set screws. Combine this with optional keyways and the MC Series is tailor-made for your application.


Outside diameters range from 1” to 2 ¼”. Shaft sizes can be from .25” to 1” and/or 6.35mm to 25.40mm (inch to inch, metric to metric, or inch to metric). The aluminum couplings (MCAC) can be used for encoder/resolver applications, moderate torque pump, lead screw, and various other applications. The stainless steel couplings (MC7C) can be used for pump, conveyor systems, and industrial processing equipment, where absolute reliability is required. Anywhere a rough, tough, long-lasting coupling is needed.


• Industrial motor shaft couplings

• Large parallel misalignment capability

• High torque capacity

• Large shaft diameters

• Keyways available

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