McFee Technologies SmartAir II Web-based Controller for Air Compressors


McFee Technologies is please to introduce SmartAir II a controller for air compressors that uses web technology.  Simply connect the SmartAir II to any computer network, open your web browser software, enter the IP address and communicate!  It is that easy.

The SmartAir II is an easy to use, economical air compressor controller that works with reciprocating or rotary screw air compressors and displays information on a webpage.  You can set pressure set points, mode of operation, start/stop times and alerts from your desk or from anywhere in the world.

The SmartAir II includes up to 4 on board pressure (or vacuum) transducers (ranges from 0-1 psi to 0-5000 psi), 8 RTD inputs (style PT-100) and 8 user supplied inputs (4-20 mAmps, 05 VDC or 0-10 VDC).  The user can name each input, specify ranges and units.  In addition, the SmartAir II monitors operating time and alerts you when maintenance is required.

You can also set alerts for each input.  When the inputs are exceeded an email is generated and, if specified, the compressor is shut down until the problem is fixed.

The SmartAir II also features an onboard display screen that continually displays pressures, temperatures, user inputs and alert status.
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