BS&B Pressure Safety Management, L.L.C. introduces the TYPE IVE™ Mechanical Isolation Valve to guard against the passage of hot particles, glowing embers and flames through interconnecting piping that may ignite a deflagration or a fire from one vessel to the next.   
    In process systems, there are situations where a deflagration can spread from the initiating site to connected machinery through interconnected piping. In some applications, it may be feasible and desirable to detect, isolate, and quench prior to ignition.  In both situations, a fast response explosion isolation valve offers the best means to accomplish the tasks.
    The BS&B Type IVE Valve remains open until receiving a signal from either a pressure responder and/or optical sensor that detects hot particles, embers, and flames.  The valve responds quickly by closing in milliseconds.  This quick reaction prevents the passage of hot particles, embers, flames or pressure from continuing to flow through the pipeline.
The medium for actuation is compressed-air stored in a tank at the valve to ensure the fastest response possible under any plant conditions.  The Type IVE Valve requires little vendor support and has little mass and therefore, does not impart shock to the valve, the seats or the piping upon closure.  The Type IVE Valve has a wear indicator in the bladder.  If the bladder is exposed to abnormal wear, the Liner Wear Alert will activate a message on its controller.  The bladder is replaceable with the valve body opening in a clamshell fashion.
The Type IVE Valve is available in sizes from 4” to 16” nominal diameter (100mm to 400mm).  Activation of the valve can be by BS&B supplied pressure or optical sensors.

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