Mechatronic Gripping Modules


The conversion from pneumatic to electric gripping modules has been made much simpler, thanks to the electrically driven small parts gripper EGP from SCHUNK. Compared with other electrically driven small parts grippers on the market, it scores points with respect to its high speed and simultaneous high gripping force. A powerful roller guide ensures high efficiency and makes the gripper highly dynamic, especially for demanding Pick&Place applications. Since the EGP is based on the time-tested pneumatic small parts gripper MPG-plus, it offers a bundle of additional advantages: For example, users can completely transfer the sensor system of the MPG-plus to the EGP and can quickly convert existing systems from pneumatics to electricity. 

Control of the gripping module is the same as for the MPG-plus – either directly (digitally) or by means of sensor distributors (open/closed). Like the MPG-plus, the EGP also can be bolted through or bolted on either the side or bottom, for increased flexibility in designing the system. The lightweight construction in the design of the EGP is due to special high-grade aluminum which reduced excess material on the gripper housing and internal components. This enhances the dynamics and energy-efficiency of the system. Without the occurrence of significant interfering contours, two positions can be reliably monitored by means of an integrated and programmable magnetic switch, which shows whether the system is “open” or “closed.” The switch-off points can be programmed as well, which further increases the process stability. 

Reliable position monitoring and detection of different sized workpieces are possible even when using very short strokes. The first version is the EGP size 40. Weighing only 400 g, the gripper is designed for workpiece weights up to 675 g, can achieve a stroke of 6 mm per finger, and has a four-stage adjustable gripping force of 135 N with a closing time of <250 ms.


  • powerful roller guide
  • for workpiece weights up to 675 g
  • stroke of 6 mm per finger

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