Medium Consistency X-Ducer™ Pump


Goulds Pumps, one of the fluid brands of ITT Corporation, has announced the release of the Model 3500XD, a new medium consistency paper pulp pump with unique X-Ducer technology. The 3500XD features a patented air separation device. The X-Ducer agitates paper pulp to assist flow into the pump inlet while separating air from the water and fibers. Pump efficiency increases of up to 5 to 8 points with the X-Ducer, which translates into smaller motor sizes and lower operating costs. The XD design allows pumping of medium consistency pulp up to 10% without a vacuum pump further lowering initial capital and operating costs. The head generation has increased for the XD design – typically a 5% increase. The XD design also allows for lower suction head requirements. The X-Ducer design is based on ITT inducer technology. The X-Ducer can be retrofitted in the field.


• Capacity to 2200 tons per day
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