Mercmaster Lighting Line With New 100,000-hour, 165W Induction Fixture


Appleton, a leading supplier of electrical
components to hazardous industrial locations, announced today that its
Mercmaster™ III induction light fixture is now available in a powerful
165-watt version, expanding the current product line’s 55- and 85-watt
lamping options.

Rated for NEC Class I Division 2 locations, the new fixture delivers 100,000
hours of labor-saving, virtually maintenance-free operation. This endurance
makes it ideal for hard-to-reach locations or hazardous environments where
lamp servicing presents a possible safety hazard.

The Mercmaster III features rugged construction and corrosion-resistant
materials. It is well suite for a wide range of industrial, chemical
processing and refining operations where flammable gases and vapors are
present, as well as non-hazardous locations subject to extreme weather,
excessive moisture, dirt and corrosive elements. It  operate safely in
temperature ranges from 40 C to as low as -50 C and provide excellent lamp
depreciation with 70 percent of initial lumen output even after 60,000

Appleton Mercmaster III lighting fixtures are engineered to minimize heat
generation and buildup, delivering the lowest T-ratings in the industry.
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