MERV 16 Filter Brochure


New brochure describes Tri-Flow, a revolutionary new MERV 16 filter that delivers HEPA-like results for submicron particulate and fumes.  Tri-Flow is a higher-performing replacement for bags and cartridges, which typically have just a MERV 10-13 rating. 

What's unique:  2-3X greater active filtration area, and a filter life that is 3-5X that of conventional bag or cartridge-type filters.  Efficiencies of 99.999% on 0.5 micron and larger particles (by weight) are typical, and the filter maintains a low operating pressure drop throughout its service life.  Tri-Flow is self-cleaning. 

Brochure describes filter construction, and the 7 media types used in Tri-Flow systems, including options for anti-static and high temperature applications.
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