Metal Hole Cutting Tools and Multi-Purpose Hole Saws


These multi-purpose, bi-metal hole saws have an alloy steel jacket and cutting edges of either high speed steel (HSS) or high speed steel Cobalt 8 (Co8). Ruko hole saws are supplied by AutomationDirect in various sizes ranging from 9/16 inch hole saws (14 mm) to 8 1/4 inch hole saws (210 mm). Inch and metric equivalent (mm) hole saw sizes are stamped on each hole saw blade.


Cutting edges of HSS or HSS Co 8
Alloyed steel 6135 jacket
Cutting depth up to 1 1/2” (38 mm)
High rotational precision
Sturdy construction
Hole saw and shank are in two parts, so hole saws of different diameters can be exchanged and fitted faster
Positive chipping and cutting angles ensure more aggressive cutting
Teeth welded onto steel jacket
HSS hole saws have 5 teeth per inch, Co 8 hole saws have 6 teeth per inch
Good chip removal
Slots in the jacket side allow easy removal of cutout debris
Exchangeable centering pilot drill bit
Right-hand cutting
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