Metal Recovery Equipment and Systems Brochure


Eriez® announces the availability of the new "Metal Recovery Equipment & Systems" brochure. The 20-page piece, offered in both PDF and hard copy format, provides a comprehensive look at the company’s range of separation technologies which efficiently recover valuable ferrous and nonferrous throughout the scrap metals process. The literature explains that Eriez has a rich history of process innovation and product development throughout the recycling industry. One of Eriez’ earliest breakthroughs was the development of the first patented Eddy Current Separator technology for aluminum recycling. 

Highlighted equipment includes the CleanStream® Process, P-Rex® Scrap Drum Magnets, PokerSort®, Eddy Current Separators, ProSort II Airless Metal Recovery System, FinesSort® Fines Metal Recovery System, DensitySort®, Suspended Belt Magnet Separators, Magnetic Pulleys and Electrostatic Separators. Complete product descriptions, equipment photos and drawings are included throughout the brochure. All of the Eriez ballistic, gravity, magnetic and sensory equipment featured in the "Metal Recovery Equipment & Systems" brochure is specifically designed to optimize the recovery of different metals and mixed metal fractions to  maximize their value.

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