Metal Separators


 Eriez® offers the new, heavy duty Model CF Metal Separator. This state-of-the-art separator can be installed directly above the material feed throat of an extruder, injection molding or blow molding machine. It removes both magnetic and non-magnetic metal contaminants from a slow, downward moving column of material, reducing machine downtime, costly repairs and improving product purity.

Even the smallest metal particles in molten plastic can result in a loss of production and expensive damage to extruders, injection and blow molding machinery. The cost of repairing a screw or barrel damaged by just one larger piece of metal is enormous compared to value added for a Model CF Separator. This metal separator delivers excellent operational reliability, even at high throughputs.

The Model CF Metal Separator features automatic self-calibration and monitoring. It is a fully automatic separation process with adjustable scanning sensitivity and reject duration.  The Model CF works so quickly that metal particles are constantly removed from free-falling granulate not only at the initial fill, but also at subsequent top-ups. The metal contamination is discharged into a reject container with a fast acting, air-powered separating slide.

Model CF Metal Separators are available in four pipe sizes from approximately 2.9” to 5.9” in diameter.


  • automatic self-calibration and monitoring
  • available in four pipe sizes
  • adjustable scanning sensitivity and reject duration
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