Metal Separators Remove Metal Particles from Pneumatic Conveying Lines


Eriez’ new PN Metal Separators remove metal contaminants such as steel, aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel and more from pneumatically conveyed materials, plastic pellets and regrind. Model PN Metal Separators are used in vacuum and pressure pipelines to protect plastics processing machinery, prevent downtime and improve product purity.

Metal contaminants--even those encapsulated in pellets--are removed by means of a high-speed reject mechanism, which operates reliably at conveying speeds up to approximately 4,000 FPM without any interruption to the material flow. Contaminated material is discharged into a reject container, which is emptied automatically.

The Model PN Metal Separators’ modular design provides flexibility to adapt to different conveying methods. Options are available to accommodate high temperature, abrasive and powdery bulk materials. Eriez’ Model PN Metal Separators can be integrated into horizontal or vertical vacuum and pressure pipes.

Model PN Metal Separators include a 304 Stainless steel separation unit and material contact parts. They are available in four pipe sizes from approximately 1.6” to 2.8” in diameter.


  • remove metal contaminants
  • high-speed reject mechanism
  • modular design
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