Metalforming Die Spray Lubrication System


Designed specifically for metalforming die lubrication, the UNIST LVSS allows integration of precision spray to lubricate parts and tooling with unique requirements or those needing more lube than the coil stock lubrication process provides. The scalable, programmable system provides complete control of air and fluid applied to metalforming dies. It is also effective in progressive, transfer, and secondary operations. The UNIST SPR 2000 Programmable Lubrication Station is used to control the sequencing, duration and frequency of nozzle actuation for the LVSS. The system can be programmed with up to 250 job setups. Once a setup is entered, it is simply recalled the next time it is needed. Fluid and air volumes are managed using separate needle valves located on the nozzle, providing control to direct the right amount of fluid to the desired surface. When using the LVSS, pressurized fluid is always available at the nozzle assembly, delivering the capability to apply fluids and lubricants in minute quantities at the exact rate and volume required by each job. The LVSS can stand alone, or be integrated with a Uni-Roller® coil stock lubrication system, using a single SPR 2000 for both. One controller can operate up to 22 nozzles, or a combination of rollers and nozzles. A retrofit kit can be added to SPR 2000 controllers already in service, or the complete system can be ordered from the factory. A UNIST representative should assist in deciding whether the LVSS, a traditional SPR 2000 system nozzle or the Uni-Roller is the best choice for a specific application. Formed in 1957, UNIST, Inc. is the leader in the manufacture of fluid delivery systems designed to reduce fluid consumption, while improving operational efficiency, safety, maintenance and cost.
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