Meter-Treater, Inc. (M-Ti) of Lake Park Florida introduces the New CLT Series Coaxial Line Treater


TheCLT Series provides Bi-directional Transient Voltage Surge Suppression for Coaxial Applications. Units provide protection against Transient Voltages that exceed nominal operating voltages. Devices can protect against surge current impulses up to 20kA/wire. Models are available to protect CATV, SATV, CCTV, Digital Modems Ethernet ThinNet (10 Base 2) and Arcnet. The CLT Series installs in series with the coaxial lines and diverts harmful transient energies away from sensitive system components. Units operate over a wide range of temperatures and interface with standard coaxial protocols. Nominal data range is up to 100 Mbps and insertion losses are as low as -0.8dB @ 2.4 GHz. Product Features include: UL Listed 497B Surge Protectors Multistage Hybrid or High Energy Gas Tube Designs Protection For CATV, SATV, CCTV, Ethernet and ArcNet Maximum 1 Circuit (plus Shield) Protection Per Unit Connector Types: BNC, TNC, F, N, etc. (Female-Female) 3 Foot (Male-Male) Cables Supplied With BNC and F Units Both Bracket and DIN Rail Mounting Provided Ten Year (No Questions Asked) Warranty Consult the factory for your specific application requirements.
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