Metric Shaft Collars - Stafford Mfg Corp


An expanded line of standard, off-the-shelf, metric shaft collars and a full capability for manufacturing specials up to 400 mm I.D. are being introduced by Stafford Manufacturing Corp. of Wilmington, Massachusetts.

Stafford Metric Shaft Collars now include standard 3 to 80 mm I.D. sizes, complete with metric clamping screws, and are made from aluminum, steel, and stainless steel in one-piece, two-piece clamp-type and hinged styles.  Featuring smooth and threaded bore configurations, these metric collars are compatible with metric machinery, conveyors, and equipment sold worldwide.

In addition to standard metal parts, Stafford Metric Shaft Collars can be machined from Teflon®, nylon, and other thermoplastics in one- and two-piece styles and sizes from 6.35 to 102 mm to provide an exact material match for applications requiring frequent wash-downs.  Special sizes up to 400 mm I.D. and optional treatments such as wrench flats, holes, knurls, are offered.

Stafford Metric Shaft Collars are priced according to material, style, size and quantity.  Price quotations and samples are available upon request.

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