Metric-Sized Bearings


Emerson Industrial Automation introduces metric-sized Sealmaster® PN Gold bearings as an extension of the company's CRES series (Corrosion Resistant Engineered Solutions) of bearings for the beverage industry. Sealmaster CRES bearings are engineered for the food/beverage industry using various materials and patented sealing systems to extend life and optimize performance in corrosive conditions, while meeting CIP (Clean in Place) and SIP (Steam in Place) sanitation requirements. Part of the CRES series, the Sealmaster PN Gold line now includes metric bore sizes for mounted ball bearings (20 to 60 mm) and “ER” cylindrical OD ball bearings (20 to 60 mm). 

Designed with brewery chemical and cleaning solutions in mind, they are equipped with patented multiple-lip seals and specialty coatings, and available with features like bolt-on end caps and backside shields that enable them to deliver industry-leading service life and performance. PN Gold bearings are engineered with high-phosphorous, electroless-nickel-plated inner and outer races, and multi-directional triple-lip seals. A unique zone-hardening process on the inner races hardens only the region under the ball path, resulting in improved lock reliability through less distortion at setscrew locations. The high-performance triple-lip contact seals provide multidirectional sealing to retain lubrication and exclude contaminants. 

Grease cavities in the seal assembly are factory filled with H1 Food Grade lubricant. A Tapered Land profile machined on the outer race redirects lubricant back into the raceway for improved lubricant circulation. An exclusive land-riding retainer design allows 360-degree grease circulation around the rolling elements for better grease retention and utilization. Solid base housings on Sealmaster PN Gold bearings are machined from 316 stainless steel or high-strength composite with minimal gaps for fillings. Stainless steel bolt ferrules reinforce the bolt holes on composite bases for high load capacity and strength. The full CRES series includes Sealmaster roller and ball bearings and McGill® Camrol® cam follower bearings. “Bearings play a critical role in operational excellence for the beverage industry,” said Emerson’s Ian Rubin, Director of Marketing – Mounted Bearings. “Properly designed bearings can deliver significantly greater equipment uptime and maintenance savings.”


  • engineered for the food/beverage industry
  • multiple-lip seals and specialty coatings
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