MGV (Manually Guided Vehicle)


Handling Specialty Manufacturing Ltd. introduces the MGV (Manually Guided Vehicle) to its slate of innovative, custom material handling equipment.  This manually guided vehicle was custom created for an international manufacturer of all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) in the U.S. The company had approached Handling Specialty with a request to create a carrier capable of moving and lifting approximately 2,000 lbs. while providing total flexibility in carrier movement. The MGV is powered by gel-cell type batteries, and has its own onboard charger – therefore the assembly line does not require extensive electrical work prior to start up.

 “With the MGV, companies can enjoy total flexibility in where and when they set up assembly lines,” says Handling Specialty President Thomas Beach. “Providing power cables to an assembly line can be a time consuming process, and, once the overhead or in-floor cables are in place your assembly line is in a permanent location. Now, companies can make the decision on where they want their assembly lines to run, taking into consideration a range of important business factors – such as utilizing underused facilities and labor pools, taking advantage of economies of scale – factors that can increase efficiency and profitability.”  Features of the MGV include:  

  • Powered by gel-cell type batteries with onboard battery charger, eliminating the need for overhead or in-floor power cables  
  • Integral traverse drive motor and ergonomic steering post articulates the carrier along the assembly line, and around  corners 
  • Lift capacity customized to meet application requirements. 


  • capable of moving and lifting approximately 2,000 lbs.
  • powered by gel-cell type batteries
  • onboard charger 

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