New KNF Type NPK04 micro-miniature swing-piston pumps introduce high-performance and compact solutions to transfer, evacuate, or compress air. These extremely small (2.5 in. long) pumps deliver free flow rates up to 4 LPM and versions can be optimized to generate significantly increased vacuum (up to 21 in. Hg) or pressure (maximum 45 psig). Typical OEM applications include medical and analytical instruments, ink-jet printers, and devices or equipment requiring reliable pneumatics, among others. Their unique design incorporates a swing piston enabling the pump to move media oil-free. Users can specify either standard DC motors or brushless DC motors offering longer life, optional logic speed control interface, and low EMI/RFI. All NPK04 pumps operate maintenance-free, run quietly with minimal vibration, and provide sustained energy-efficient service. They can operate in any position and are supplied ready for installation. Standard pumps can be customized to meet particular OEM requirements.
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