Micro Scrubber


Advance introduces the newSC350™ Micro Scrubber, the most recent addition to the company’s line of small scrubbers. With its fully-adjustable rotating deck, the SC350 is the industry’s first compact unit capable of delivering effective cleaning results in both forward and backward directions.Designed to replace traditional mop and bucket cleaning procedures, the SC350’s compact, maneuverable design allows users to tackle diverse cleaning jobs, ranging from convenience store entryways to quick serve restaurant kitchens. The innovative rotating deck features an integrated squeegee, providing simultaneous clean and dry capabilities in all directions. 

Operators can push the machine forward like a “normal” scrubber, or they can easily flip the machine up, triggering the deck to rotate for backward scrubbing performance—providing an ideal scrubbing option for tight, restricted spaces or behind counters.“For areas that require quick, efficient scrubbing, such as gas stations or quick serve restaurants, the SC350 ensures a clean and dry appearance, without having to worry about slip and fall accidents,” said Jill Kohls, Healthcare and Hospitality Vertical Market Manager at Nilfisk-Advance. “With flexible scrubbing performance, operators can employ one single machine for their cleaning needs—saving time and allowing foot traffic to get back on the floor faster.”


  • fully-adjustable rotating deck
  • compact, maneuverable design

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