Microdust Pro Monitor


The Casella CEL-712 Microdust Pro monitor is a small, rugged, hand-held instrument that measures concentrations of inhalable powders in real-time for display on its high-contrast color LCD. With a wide detection range of 0.01 to 250g/m3 (or 250,000mg) and full data logging, it can be used independently to measure material processes or to capture release events such as a bag breaks, as well as be paired with a cyclone, filter cassette, and sample pump for size-selective or gravimetric monitoring. Using a laser diode based light-scattering sensor, the battery-powered CEL-712 accepts material-specific correction factors and is easily field calibrated with its optical reference cell (included). The CEL-712 also provides proportional output voltage and data stream interfaces.  

Industries that would benefit from the unique monitoring capabilities of the CEL-712 Microdust Pro include:   

  • Open pit mining and quarrying 
  • Construction & demolition boundary monitoring   
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing 
  • Chemical processing Environmental health and safety consulting 
  • Paint, Pigment, Foodstuffs / Spices 
  • Public sector, defense, site remediation and utilities. 


  • high-contrast color LCD
  • detection range of 0.01 to 250g/m3
  • full data logging
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