Mid-Sized TFT Color LCD Provides Easy Programmability


EarthLCD has introduced the new ezLCD-004-EDK to its line of ezLCD family of products.  The new model, described as the workhorse of the family, features a mid-sized
5.6” display - an ideal package for meeting a wide array of LCD applications ranging from industrial control to automotive to robotics.  The ezLCD-004 EDK offers intelligent programmability that provides quick GUI interface to new products and eliminates time normally required for designing customized hardware or software.  This allows the design engineer to optimize his time for customizing the built-in GUI for the unique product application.
        The ezLCD-004-EDK serial LCD module incorporates a TFT LCD display with 65,535 colors, 32-Bit embedded processor and LCD controller.  The proprietary design also features integrated resistive touch screen,
5 volt supply voltage, and is RoHS compliant.  
        The ezLCD-004’s powerful ability for turn-key GUI integration is made possible through the integral processor and LCD controller.  Following quick connectivity via Serial, USB, RS-232, SD/MMC, or SPI communication port, customized bitmap images, fonts or icons can be quickly uploaded and controlled with a microcontroller or PC.  With the majority of the electronic graphical components incorporated directly into the LCD, fewer components need to be purchased and stocked by the OEM or manufacturer.
        “The ezLCD-004 offers color capabilities and a modular design that is unlike competitive models on the market” says Steve Cipolla, EarthLCD President.  “OEMs looking to speed their ROI and reduce purchasing and stocking time of components already provided in the LCD, will appreciate its cost and time-saving advantages.
        The new 5.6” ezLCD is part of EarthLCD’s ezLCD product offering, which also includes the ezLCD-001-EDK(2.7”), ezLCD-104 (5.7”), and ezLCD-101-EDK (10.4”).  The ezLCD-004-EDK 5.6-inch display is immediately available from stock, usually ships within three days of order, and is priced at $399.  Optional development kit and panel mounting kits are also available.


• Full ezLCD Command Set • 5.6" 320X240, 16 bit Color TFT LCD, capable of 65,536 simultaneous colors • Integrated Resistive Touch Screen • Dedicated LCD Controller Chip • Full Speed USB Interface (via Mini-USB connector) • Serial (RS232), I2c • Integrated SD/MMC (Secure Digital/MultiMedia) Memory Slot! • Arm Microcontroller • 128Kb Flash ROM (available for fonts & bitmaps) • 1 Megabyte Flash ROM (use to be determined) • Runs on +5 Volt Power Supply
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