MIG/Pulsed MIG Welding System


Miller Electric Mfg. Co. today introduced its Invision™ MPa Plus System with Alumination™ technology. Using a benchtop feeder, the system provides both push-pull and standard push wire feeding capabilities and MIG/pulsed MIG welding outputs for heavy industrial applications that use aluminum and a second wire type or wire diameter at a single welding station.
Compared to welding stations that use multiple wire feeders or systems, the Invision MPa Plus System reduces downtime associated with process changeover, simplifies operation, uses less space, uses less primary power and improves welding performance when using aluminum, stainless steel and other wires.
The system includes the Invision 352 MPa welder with built-in pulsed MIG programs, a D-74 MPa Plus dual wire feeder, the XR-Aluma-Pro™ Plus push-pull gun (15-, 25- and 35-ft. lengths) and a standard 400-amp Bernard® Q-Gun™. Alumination technology enables the push-pull gun to connect directly to the benchtop feeder, using tachometer feedback and improved software to provide consistent aluminum wire feeding and positive arc starts, even with 1/16-in. diameter aluminum wires. An S-74 MPa Plus single wire feeder with Alumination technology is also available.
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