Mighty Scope Pro Pack Features 2 Handheld Microscopes, Accessories


The Mighty Scope Pro Pack, a kit with two handheld digital microscopes and a polarizer attachment, is introduced by Aven, Inc.. The combination pack provides a broad range of capabilities for inspection, analysis and measurement of magnified images that can be captured and sent to any Windows PC.

     Aven's five-item Pro Pack has these components:
•    Mighty Scope adjustable from 10x to 200x
•    Mighty Scope with highest magnification – 500x
•    Polarizer for contrast-enhancing use of the 10x-200x scope
•    Two accessories for hands-free operation – metal stand with adjustable working distances and cradle stand with two height adjusters for the 10x-200x model
     Each of the two Mighty Scope bodies has a 1.3-megapixel camera with 1/3" color CMOS image sensor, a Microtouch shutter control and six adjustable white LEDs. The USB 2.0 output and software allow image storage, measurement and sharing. 
    "We've bundled this popular instrument as a value-priced set," says Mike Shahpurwala, president of the global supplier of precision tools and optical inspection instruments. "It's now economical to add several Mighty Scopes for R&D, quality control and defect analysis at a lower cost than if bought separately."
     The high-resolution Mighty Scope incorporates this technology:
•    Brightness control wheel for fingertip lighting adjustments.
•    Automatic white balance and gain control.
•    Video capture at up to 30 frames per second.
•    Ergonomic design for comfortable use with either hand.
     "This is a useful tool for parts inspection and precision assembly or fabrication quality control," says Shahpurwala. "Manufacturing engineers use it to check incoming deliveries of metal parts for hairline cracks or other microscopic defects, simply by plugging the Mighty Scope into any laptop."
 The Pro Pack's polarizer provides superior views of polished metal, silicon chips, ceramic, glass and other shiny objects. Polarized light microscopy also is preferred for examining minerals and polymers. The Mighty Scope also simplifies color inspection by printers and textile manufacturers.
Active pixel sensor technology provides sharp images and accurate color reproduction. Images, interval shots or video are captured instantly.
For process demonstrations, warranty claims and training, custom-enlarged images can be inserted into presentations or documents.  "The Digital Mighty Scope fills the need for lightweight, freely portable microscopy and imaging," adds Aven's president.

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