MILACRON’s CIMSTAR® “Z” Products Offer Longevity and Versatility


CIMCOOL’s CIMSTAR® semi-synthetic products include a broad range of general machining and grinding fluids which are suggested for general purpose and medium to heavy-duty operations. These metalworking fluids are recommended for ferrous and many non-ferrous metals. CIMSTAR® fluids commonly contain a low to moderate amount of mineral oil and are semi-transparent when mixed with water. This product family offers the best of both worlds and is especially useful in applications that require long fluid life and cleanliness.

CIMCOOL has enhanced the CIMSTAR® line of products with the introduction of the Advanced Technology “Z” Metalworking fluids. Three of the most versatile CIMSTAR® fluids have been reformulated into “Z” line products: CIMSTAR® QUAL STAR LFZ, CIMSTAR® QUAL STAR XLZ, CIMSTAR® QUAL STAR XL HZ, CIMSTAR® QUAL STAR XLH, CIMSTAR® 3891Z. The “Z” fluids have been designed to provide many considerable benefits, including up to a 30% increase in sump life, up to a 40% improved tool life, an increase in productivity of at least 20%, along with excellent rancidity control and a greatly reduced concentrate usage. As with all CIMCOOL products, the new “Z” line is backed by the CIMCOOL “no-hassle” performance guarantee and free trial assurance.

“The effect of using the new “Z” line product has been significant, stated Gregg Campbell. “At D&S Machine Service we work with a variety of steel – from mild to hard carbon. We never thought we would find one product that would be able to handle this spectrum of material. However, the Cimstar® 60XLZ has proven to meet this challenge, and has definitely exceeded our expectations when it comes to a metalworking fluid. Since implementing the 60XLZ we have been able to recognize a 10-20% increase in tool life, depending on the application, and a 40% increase in sump life. Not to mention, the CIMSTAR® 60XLZ is such a well designed fluid, that it has eliminated the need for us to use tapping oil.”

Milacron, Inc. is a global leader in the design, manufacture and service of metalworking fluid technology. It is a leading supplier of fluid services, which support the metalworking industry, to manage metalworking fluids and reduce costs. It is certified ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO 9002 and ANSI/ASQ Q9001.
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