Min-Max Tempilstik° temperature indicator


TEMPIL, an Illinois Tools Works Company, South Plainfield, NJ has introduced a min-max Tempilstik. This ‘double header’ from Tempil permits welders and inspectors to obtain accurate, repeatable, cost-effective results in interpass temperature testing. With this new product only one double-sided stick is necessary. With this new product, Tempilstik users will know when the lower-rated mark melts that the work piece has reached temperature. But if the Tempilstik higher-rated mark also melts the piece is too hot and has to cool. The welder will be able to measure both temperatures by simply flipping the holder: No need to mark with one Tempilstik, locate another to determine if the desired temperature has been reached. A plastic custom kit of five min/max holders contains sticks with ratings from 100° to 2000°F, 40° to 1000°C. Replacement indicator sticks with SKU identification are easily inserted in the durable holders.
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