Minco Launches Next Generation CT224 12-Channel Temperature Monitor -- Offers Critical Machinery Protection & Complete System Monitoring


Minco, a designer and manufacturer of critical components for critical applications, today released the CT224 12-Channel Temperature Monitor for critical over-temperature and under-temperature machinery protection.

Minco has dubbed the CT224 as the next generation of temperature monitoring which responds to an untapped need to safeguard valuable motors, generators, transformers and other critical equipment.

The CT224 12-Channel Temperature Monitor offers a standard RS485/RS232 interface and Windows-compatible software for easy system configuration and data logging. The 12-channel monitor accepts RTD (resistance temperature detector) and thermocouple inputs and can sense a multitude of 4-20mA signals.

“Rotating apparatus machinery oftentimes needs temperature sensing in multiple locations, as well as other types of sensing such as flow and pressure, and the CT224 allows users to mix and match bearing and apparatus sensors for complete protection”, said Marty Knutson, Marketing Manager, Sensors and Instruments. “The monitor offers an economical interface to provide on-site monitoring and protection as well as back-end monitoring and data-logging at a remote computer.”

The CT224 can be used as a 4-channel on/off controller and can offer power loss protection. It is UL recognized to help meet regulatory compliance, and the Windows-compatible software is user friendly for configuration and data logging. The CT224 can also be provided with custom options to meet the needs of almost any applications.

“Down-time and maintenance are costly factors in large machinery, but the CT224 offers a complete monitoring solution to make sure the equipment runs smoothly and any problems can be found long before they become serious,” said Knutson.

About Minco

Minco designs, manufactures and markets critical components for critical applications. The company is unsurpassed in its ability to integrate and assemble flexible Thermofoil Heaters, Flex Circuits, Sensors, and Instruments into a single component for greater efficiency. Minco helps companies minimize the risk of product failure by providing highly reliable components and expert design services.

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