MINI Hawk Imager for Superior Direct Part Mark Reading


Microscan, a global technology leader for precision data acquisition and control solutions, announces the new MINI Hawk imager for reading 2D direct part marks (DPM) in any application. The powerful new MINI Hawk is superior in the marketplace as the smallest and highest performance autofocus imager for reading DPM straight out of the box. Since acquiring the Siemens machine vision portfolio last year, this is Microscan’s first new product to combine the best features from our auto ID product line with the acquired technology of machine vision. As Bruce Scharf, Vice President of Engineering, explains, “The MINI Hawk leverages the robust decoding technology from general machine vision applications and is packaged in our miniaturized MINI hardware platform to provide an ultra-compact, fully integrated imager with best-in-class DPM reading.” By setting a higher performance standard for reading difficult direct part marks in a tiny package, MINI Hawk imagers can truly solve any barcode or 2D track, trace, and control application. The MINI Hawk is able to fit into tight spaces and is lightweight enough for mounting into robotic applications. Available in high speed and high resolution configurations, the imager also can consistently read symbols that are damaged, distorted or otherwise challenging due to direct part marking. Microscan’s X-Mode technology provides easy setup and deployment of the imager in any application, and the EZ button enables the MINI Hawk to automatically adjust focal distance and set internal parameters for optimized symbol reading.


• Height - 1” (25.4 mm) Width: 1.80” (45.7 mm) Depth - 2.10” (53.3 mm) Weight: 2 oz (57 g) • Itch - ±30° Skew: ±30° Tilt: 360° Decode Rate - Up to 60 decodes per second (HS model) Focal Range - 1.3 to 9.3” (33 to 236 mm) (autofocus)
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