Mini Pneumatic Press


AIM JORACO®, a premier manufacturer of pneumatic presses is nowmanufacturing a modified version of their DIRECT-AIRE press line, the DIRECT-AIRE Mini. At approximately 60 lbs., the DIRECT-AIRE Mini weighs even less than AIM JORACO’s standard benchtop units and includes unique features that make it an attractive choice for many small-scale applications.The AIM JORACO® DIRECT-AIRE and DIRECT-AIRE Mini presses both feature a straight pneumatic cylinder for applications requiring full force over the entire stroke. The DIRECT-AIRE Mini  is offered standard with an EZ-Dial pressure regulator, adjustable dwell timer, adjustable shut height and 2-hand anti-tie down Actuator. Suitable for a wide range of manual and semi-automatic assembly operations, the DIRECT-AIRE Mini provides 50 – 300 pounds of constant force and is offered with optional custom stroke and/or open heights. AIM JORACO® compact, benchtop air presses are now  available with forces from 30 lbs. to over 16 tons. Technical support engineers are available to discuss application requirements in an effort to ensure their customers are provided the best solution for each unique project. All presses can be made-to-order, with standard and custom options available.


  • straight pneumatic cylinder
  • EZ-Dial pressure regulator
  • adjustable dwell timer
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