Miniature Length Sensor


Omega introduces its new series of miniature length sensors that are compact in size and easy to use. The ZMD series features a built-in spring- loaded torsion arm that provides a simple-to-adjust torsion load, allowing the unit to be mounted in almost any orientation, including upside-down. Using a 6" circumference wheel, the ZMD can be used on almost any surface, while operating at speeds up to 3000 feet per minute. 

The housing is durable, conductive composite material that will eliminate static build up which makes this product ideal for light- to medium-duty sensing applications. Whether you need to measure speed, position, or distances, the CE compliant ZMD series sensor is the ideal solution. Ideal for food industries involving conveyor ovens, industrial wire manufacturing and medical lab mixing equipment.


  • built-in spring- loaded torsion arm
  • used on almost any surface
  • operates at speeds up to 3000 feet per minute
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