Mixed Flow In-Line Fan


Where high efficiency and quiet operation are required, Continental Fan’s MID Mixed Flow In-Line Fan is the best solution. The MID fan utilizes the patented MF Mixed Flow Impeller, incorporating an adjustable blade geometry for exact performance matching. Ideal applications for the MID include process ventilation and cabinet cooling.
A new four page brochure is now available, featuring detailed airflow performance.  MID fan diameters vary from 12” through 24”, with capacities ranging to 5,340 cfm. 

•    High capacity mixed flow adjustable pitch impellers
•    Super quiet, highly efficient performance
•    Multiple blade settings available
•    Exact performance matching
•    Steel housing with corrosion resistant paint
•    Custom mounting arrangements available


  • diameters vary from 12” through 24”,
  • capacities ranging to 5,340 cfm
  • adjustable blade geometry
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