MLC Lowers Motion Control and Automation Costs for Packaging Machinery


IndraMotion MLC Lowers Motion Control and Automation Costs for Packaging Machinery New motion control package offers high-value solution for multi-level packaging applications Controller-based Motion Logic platform highlights the IndraMotion MLC system, providing real-time motion control for up to 16 axes per controller in applications such as cartoners and form/fill/seal machines. The Rexroth IndraMotion MLC is a high-value controller-based motion control system specifically designed for packaging machines with centralized or distributed architectures and a maximum of 16 axes per controller. With IndraMotion MLC up to 64 controllers can be networked together via cross-communication to provide precise synchronization of an entire line or process. The core hardware component of this system is Rexroth’s IndraControl L40, a compact, DIN-rail-mount controller that combines the advantages of embedded PC architecture with highly scalable I/O systems. In addition to 16 fast inputs and outputs, the controller base module of the IndraMotion MLC offers standardized communication interfaces such as Ethernet, PROFIBUS (master/slave), RS232, and SERCOS. The controller base modules can be expanded with additional communication interfaces or technology modules for maximum flexibility.
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