MMQ Series of Geometry Gages


PROVIDENCE, RI -- Mahr Federal has introduced an economical new version of its popular MarForm™ MMQ series of geometry gages. The new MMQ 34 Formtester offers all the measurement capabilities, accuracy and repeatability of the popular MMQ 44 version, including a large measuring and load capacity for its size. But with its simplified controller, new software platform and manual center/tilt-table, the new MMQ 34 is a more economical alternative.

"Our MMQ Formtester series is one of the most accurate in the industry," said Tim Johnson, Product Manager for Mahr Federal. "Roundness error specification on the MMQ 34 is +/- .01 microns, and straightness error is .25 microns per 100 mm. These units are also more robust than competing models, and with our new EasyForm software package, measuring speeds are as much as 40% faster."

The MMQ 34 is available in two Z-axis sizes—350 and 500 mm. A new high accuracy inductive T20W probe moves through 180° allowing access to difficult areas, and easily exchangeable probe arms and styli adapt the gage for various workpieces and measuring tasks.

The MMQ 34 Formtester measures roundness, cylindricity, straightness, flatness, concentricity, coaxiality, radial run-out, total radial run-out, axial run-out, total axial run-out, parallelism, perpendicularity and angularity, while adhering to both National and International Standards. Whether performing circular or straight-line measurements, interruptions like grooves and cross holes are detected automatically, regardless of their positions, and the corresponding profile interruptions are not evaluated. Circular measurements can be taken in sections as small as 15 degrees.

Mahr EasyForm Touchscreen software simplifies the measurement process, allowing the MMQ 34 to be easily used in production settings. Quick and Easy icons lead the user through individual measurements, and Teach-In-Programming creates fast and efficient Multifeature measurement programs even for complex parts and part families. This powerful software analyzes the data, displays results as the part is being measured, and generates a printout before the next part can be loaded. With integrated Fourier Analysis (Harmonics) the EasyForm software is one of the most powerful software platforms available. No additional software modules are required.

The MMQ 34 Formtester is designed to be equally at home on the factory floor or in the lab. No air supply is required and its high-precision mechanical bearing ensures stability, exceptional accuracy and repeatability. A reliable collision protection system immediately stops the machine if it encounters even a minor counterforce, to protect people, workpieces and the equipment. The MMQ 34 Formtester is designed for easy installation, minimal maintenance and low operating costs.

The system will measure parts up to 620 mm (24.4 in.) in diameter and 640 mm (25.2 in.) in height. Despite its compact size, this Mahr Federal Formtester easily handles large and heavy parts, up to 132 lbs.
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