TURCK introduces its new family of robust inductive proximity sensors for use on mobile vehicle     systems. Designed to reliably detect the position of doors, ladders, outriggers, gates and booms, the Mobile     Equipment Sensor Series delivers rugged sensing solutions for agriculture, construction, commercial and     utility industry mobile equipment applications. The sensors are available in five styles—M12, M18 and     M30 barrel sensors, along with Q14 and Q20 rectangular versions—to easily install on a wide range of     mobile vehicles. By incorporating advanced technology and enhanced electronics, the sensors provide an     extended sensing range while resisting the high levels of EMC often found with mobile vehicle electric     systems.

 The Mobile Equipment Sensor Series is constructed of robust PBT housings and durable     materials, such as stainless steel, to resist stones, salt spray and extreme shock and vibration. To ensure     dependable operation in the broadest range of environments, the sensors deliver IP 68 and IP 69k protection     and a temperature range of -40 to 85° C. In addition, the sensors series offers load dump compensation to     withstand electrical pulses and provide reliable operation.

 With quick-disconnect or potted-in cable     connections, as well as optional mounting accessories, the sensor series is quickly simply integrated into     mobile vehicle systems. Optional pigtail versions with standard automotive connections are also available.     

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