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NB Series Mobile Powered Workstations are designed to hold and power a variety of equipment that includes computers, industrial printers, barcode scanners and more. This provides a fully mobile workstation that allows operators to perform their tasks wirelessly in a facility, warehouse or distribution center. Typical applications for the NB Series include inventory management, mobile ondemand label printing, shipping & receiving, and cross docking. The NB Series Workstation eliminates unnecessary foot travel to and from a static workstation while significantly improving accuracy. Since the NB Series workstation is at your fingertips, your most important information is always readily available. This innovative workstation offers an exceptional price to performance ratio with its standard product features: Mobility: The NB Series Workstation is easy to maneuver anywhere in your facility. With a compact 24” wide x 22” deep footprint, this ergonomically designed workstation can be positioned into the most remote corners. Power: Its standard power package includes a 40 or 100 amp hour battery, a 350 or 750 watt inverter and a full 20 amp charger. It can power up to 4 devices at once for about 6-8 hours of normal use. Adjustability: The slotted mast gives the operator the ability to adjust the height of the shelf or accessory to the most comfortable position. Modularity: A number of optional accessories are available and can be easily integrated in seconds for a highly versatile workstation. Accessories include an adjustable keyboard tray, post mounted flat screen holder, laptop or tablet holder, scanner holder, add-on push handles, binder holder and CPU holder.
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