Mobile Shipping Workstation


Creform Corporation has designed a new mobile shipping workstation with flexibility in mind. The stand-up workstation (as shown) is built as a consolidation point for fulfilling orders of small packaged parts and components in a production cell, warehouse or shipping department operations.  It is designed to easily accommodate two associates with ample room to perform like-tasks while also providing an expandability feature. Packaging supplies, scales, label printers and a variety of tools are presented ergonomically.  

While extra supplies and seldom used tools are readily stored under the work surface. In addition to the fact that Creform structures are easily modified this workstation has several design aspects that also encourage continuous improvement. One example is the shelf surfaces above the work surface that are modular freestanding structures easily repositioned or temporarily removed should users have a continuous improvement idea.  The mobile workstation is 192″ W x 96″ H x 44″ D having a laminate work surface and built with Creform 28mm plastic coated steel pipe and metal joints making it easy to modify.  

It can be made with ESD pipe and joints for static sensitive applications in electronics manufacturing operations.  It has (6) large diameter swivel (two locking) casters for mobility and easy positioning. The unit has a 750 lb capacity but can be made stronger for applications involving heavy weights by using Creform 42mm pipe and joints.  Creform 42mm pipe is 2-1/2 times stronger than standard 28mm pipe and requires less bracing to accommodate heavier weight applications. Overhead lights are supported by Creform bent pipe for a pleasing appearance while requiring fewer joints during assembly. Creform offers a wide variety of pipe colors for  providing a uniform color by department or ease of identifying functions.  


  • 192″ W x 96″ H x 44″ D
  • laminate work surface
  • plastic coated steel pipe

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