Versa Machinery announces expanded capabilities for its Model 50 Flywheel Cutter/Puller Systems.  Model 50 systems utilize a flywheel with up to eight knives to cut extruded plastic or rubber parts at extremely high production rates.  The new system design from Versa Machinery has an expanded cutting range.  Systems can now perform any cutting rate from 75 to 12,000 parts/minute.  Model 50 systems are used to produce washers, spacers, and other small parts.  The system can hold cut length tolerance to +/- 0.003” on many products.
    Model 50 systems electronically linked flywheel and puller drives assure consistent part length accuracy.  A color touch screen interface makes setup and operation quick and easy.  The operator enters the number of knives installed, cut length, and line speed.
    Systems are available with either pinch roll or caterpillar puller assemblies.  Other options include drip lubrication for the cutter bushings, air opening/closing of the puller booms, a digital puller gap indicator, and bushings bored for round products, or custom made for profile products.

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