Model SM-15D swivels 60º left or right for versatile miter cutting


The SM-15D is an affordable saw for fabrication shops, maintenance departments and other areas where angle cutting and general purpose sawing is performed. Model SM-15D features a 2-piece cast iron saw head that can swivel 60º right and left for miter cutting, and can cut 11-inch rounds and 15-inches wide by 10-inches tall rectangles at 90º. It has a 3-hp band drive motor with infinitely adjustable VFD band speed control from 50 to 400 fpm, The band wheel is mounted directly to the output shaft of the heavy-duty worm gearbox to provide the torque necessary to cut the toughest materials. A convenient control console mounted on an articulating arm allows the operator to control band speed, feed rate, and other functions. Other features include a chip/coolant tray that pivots with the saw head to minimize required floor space and efficiently collects chips and coolant to reduce housekeeping costs, easy access to the coolant reservoir to permit easy filling and cleaning, and integral fork pockets to simplify transportation and installation.
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