Moduflex Dual 4-Way Valve


The Pneumatic Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation (NYSE:PH) announces the addition of a Dual 4-Way Valve to the Moduflex Valves System Series. This valve combines two, 4-way valves into one valve body. Valve modules can now be ordered as dual valves or single valves. The Dual 4-way valve module has two independently operated valves in the Size 1 valve body. Though there are two valves in one body, there are no differences in dimensions or flow between double or single valve module. Flow for each valve in the Dual 4-way valve is decreased in comparison to the single 4-way. These valves can be combined with other dual 3-way or single 4-way valves of either Size 1 or Size 2 valves, without transition kits, to fit all types of applications. Moduflex Valves are available in 24vdc solenoid or air pilot operated versions with a universal manual override. The Universal Manual override is available as either Locking / Non-Locking, and can be changed in the field to Non-locking override only, which helps with machine set-up. When the locking override is disabled, unwanted locking of the manual override is eliminated. Moduflex Dual 3-way and 4-way valves offer a flexible automation product for demanding applications. The Moduflex Series provides a complete choice of either stand-alone valves, short-build valve islands, or large valve island configurations.


Rated Voltage 24 VDC Maximum Addresses 19 Maximum Energized 19 Simultaneously 25-Pin, D-Sub DIN41652, Electrical Connection MIL-C-24308, NFC93425 Type HE5 Insensitive: PNP and NPN Polarity compatible Dust and Water Protection IP40
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